At Newcastle Skin Clinic, Lip Fillers are the most popular treatment, with clients of all ages requesting the procedure. Our nurse Luisa, known as ‘Luisa Lips’ now performs lip fillers under three different categories; Lite, Define and Volume to ensure each individual gets their perfect result. 

On consultation, Luisa will chat to you about your desired look and decide with you which amount and product will be best for you. NSC use the latest version of Juvederm products which is long lasting and the best in the industry. 

See below the breakdown of our new Luisa Lips treatments:

Luisa Lips Lite (Volift 0.55ml)

Perfect for: Younger clients wishing to give their natural lips a slight boost.

Luisa Lips Define (Volbella)

Perfect for: Older clients wishing to add definition and hydration to their lips which they may have lost during the natural ageing process.

Luisa Lips Volume (Volift 1ml+)

Perfect for: Clients that would like to add volume and enhance to create a fuller lip. 

Prices start from £200 and results can last up to 1 year. For more information on any of our treatments contact us.