Newcastle Skin Clinic offers a range of Botox treatments.  

Baby Botox

Baby Botox is the perfect treatment for beginners. This is the lightest form of Botox and one of our most popular treatments at Newcastle Skin Clinic. This form of Botox creates the most natural look and is usually preferred among younger clients or clients that need to have a lot of movement such as actors and actresses.

£200 – 60min

Botox for Wrinkle Relaxing

Botox for Wrinkle Relaxing uses the same medicine and relaxes the muscles that cause expression lines. Every client’s muscles and their problem areas are different so each treatment is targeted to their individual needs. 

Cost: £250 per vial

Longevity: 3-6 months


The Benefits of Botox

Botox injections are noted primarily for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They’re also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder and lazy eye.

Packages & Bundles

Plump & Smooth

1 ml Lip Filler/Botox


Plump and Smooth includes 1ml of Juvederm Volift perfect for the lips or nasolabial folds. 1 vial of botox which can be used in any areas the patient needs.

The Lite Touch

1/2 ml Lip Filler/Baby Botox


The light touch volift retouch (1/2ml) and baby botox. Perfect for those who are having a refresh or who want to try out a small amount of treatment first time or younger patients.


What They Say

"I have always had great results from my treatments at Newcastle Skin Clinic. Just had a mini Wow Facial. One week later my skin still looks and feels radiant! would definitely recommend this amazing facial service from Luisa and her team."

"I've recently had Botox with the Newcastle Skin Clinic and am really impressed. I've been a big Botox fan for many years and have been to many places all over the world. This is my first treatment with Luisa and I thought she was excellent. She was very professional and I can honestly say it was the least painful Botox I've ever had, she was so gentle, I hardly felt a thing!! I will most definitely be going to her for the foreseeable future for my Botox and also other treatments. I've just tried another of her treatments and will post feedback once it is completed! Highly recommended. Thank you Luisa and the Newcastle Skin Clinc."

"Best clinic ever I would hardly recommend always professionals and so welcome every time u feel like part of them family "

"Luisa Scott and her team are very consultative and professional. Perfect environment for male clients to feel completely comfortable and at ease for any procedures. Highly recommended!."

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