How does it work?

BB Glow is an intensive skin treatment that uses the micro needling technology to penetrate the upper dermal layers of the skin. This penetration stimulates natural collagen production as well as offering other benefits including pigment glow. Collagen is a natural protein found through out th body and it helps to give structure, elasticity and vibrancy to your skin.

Unfortunately as you age your body produces less collagen which in turn leads a to wrinkles and loss of elasticity and firmness. Stimulation collagen production can improve the look and texture of your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quickly safely and affordable. The BB Glow serum is applied with a microneedling device, which uses needles to penetrate the skin. Micro needles are so small they can barely be felt, and the treatment is extremely gentle. The skin glow treatment improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. It also speeds up the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin healthier and brighter and reduces the impact of ageing skin cells.

How long will it take?

If you’re having a one-off treatment or the first treatment of a course, we recommend allowing 120 minutes, as we first use a peel to remove 2-3 weeks of dead skin, which increases product penetration.  For following treatments in a course, allow up to 90 minutes.

How long will it last?

Depending on the skin condition and amount of care taken, for first-timers, it can last from three days to one week. Additional treatments will lead to an increased longevity and enhanced coverage. We recommend all first-timers to come back for a second session in order to provide better coverage and longer protection for your skin.