Newcastle Skin Clinic’s most popular treatment and the treatment of which Luisa gained her name ‘Luisa Lips’. Luisa’s signature natural looking lip fillers have lead to her being nominated for many awards over the years. Luisa uses Juvederm’s lastest generation filler which blends into the lip and lasts, along with her expertise, to create the perfect look.

Luisa Lips treatments come in Lite, Define and Volume using Volift and Volbella in various measures- to create your perfect end result.

Luisa Lips Lite (Volift 0.55ml)

Perfect for: Younger clients wishing to give their natural lips a slight boost.

Enhance natural lips with the Luisa Lips Lite treatment. Adding to already full and youthful lips to create a small amount of volume- very popular among first time clients. Luisa will use Juvederm’s latest filler, which blends in with the lip and lasts, to achieve minimal effects, adding to natural fulness.

Cost: £200

Luisa Lips Define (Volbella)

Perfect for: Anyone wishing to add definition and hydration to their lips which they may have lost during the natural ageing process.

Full and plump lips are associated with youth and beauty. The natural ageing process can cause our lips to get thinner and lose definition. Our Luisa Lip treatments can fix this by injecting a small amount of natural hyaluronic acid to add volume to your lips and redefine the contours of your mouth. Using Juvederm’s latest generation filler which blends in with the lip and lasts, Luisa creates natural looking lips with her professional style and experience.

Cost: £330 (1ml)

Luisa Lips Volume (Volift 1ml+)

Perfect for: Clients that would like to add volume and enhance to create a fuller lip.

Luisa Lips Volume is the most dramatic of our Luisa Lip[ treatments, for noticeably enhanced and fuller lips. This treatment is popular across clients of all ages if they wish to change the shape and aesthetic of their natural lips. Luisa will use her experience along with personal preference to create your desired look. Luisa Lips Volume starts off with 1ml and can go up to 2ml depending on the volume the client wishes to create.

Cost: £330-£500 (1ml-2ml)

Downtime: 2 Days Swelling

Longevity: Up to 1 Year