Genuine Dermaroller® Electronic Dermastamp

Electronic DermaStamp

A small handheld roller or EDS head is gently rolled over the area of skin you want treated, whether it’s scarred, aged or affected by stretchmarks, to regenerate it. The treated skin responds by producing more natural collagen, which your skin needs to stay firm and regenerate scar tissue. New skin cells are also generated, which enhances the overall structure of your skin. It can take up to about six weeks until you start to see results, so this is a treatment to be patient with.

But it’s worth it, as, not only do you get the benefits of new collagen (plump, youthful skin), these Dermaroller and Electronic DermaStamp treatments also make your skincare products more effective. How? The micro fine holes in your skin made during the course of your treatment allow the active ingredients in your skincare regime to penetrate your skin with ease, increasing their effectiveness.


What They Say

"I have always had great results from my treatments at Newcastle Skin Clinic. Just had a mini Wow Facial. One week later my skin still looks and feels radiant! would definitely recommend this amazing facial service from Luisa and her team."

"I've recently had Botox with the Newcastle Skin Clinic and am really impressed. I've been a big Botox fan for many years and have been to many places all over the world. This is my first treatment with Luisa and I thought she was excellent. She was very professional and I can honestly say it was the least painful Botox I've ever had, she was so gentle, I hardly felt a thing!! I will most definitely be going to her for the foreseeable future for my Botox and also other treatments. I've just tried another of her treatments and will post feedback once it is completed! Highly recommended. Thank you Luisa and the Newcastle Skin Clinc."

"Best clinic ever I would hardly recommend always professionals and so welcome every time u feel like part of them family "

"Luisa Scott and her team are very consultative and professional. Perfect environment for male clients to feel completely comfortable and at ease for any procedures. Highly recommended!."

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