Transform your skin in ways like no other before thanks to our new, revolutionary facial treatment that has launched at Newcastle Skin Clinic.

The WOW Facial is a skin transformation treatment with no down time designed to give the ultimate WOW effect. The six step process uses advanced medical technology and products with innovative formulations to work on individual layers of the skin to kick start the skin’s metabolism as well as; exfoliate, detox, regenerate, hydrate and surcharge the skin with essential vitamins and peptides. This 90 minute treatment can be customised and bespoke to suit any skin type or condition and will transform your skin with results lasting up to six months.

Deriving from Institute Hyalual’s cult beauty classic, the WOW mask, the multi-stage treatment was designed to encompass every skin modality completed by the WOW mask to incorporate powerful medical ingredients to enhance each different quality of the skin. The facial has been proven to increase appearance and glow, improve skin tone, complexion and radiance, stimulate collagen to firm up the skin and maintain elasticity, stimulate cell turnover and provide balance between sebum and moisture.

Step 1 – Skin Exfoliate with pH formula – Exfoliating cleanse with our Reveal Glycolic Wash to gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells before the introduction of powerful acids and anti-oxidants from pH formula with a unique delivery system to ensure the skin remains at optimal health and prevents inflammation.

Step 2 – Dermaplaning – nicknamed the Hollywood facial, using a delicate skin taut to remove vellus hair, exfoliate and smooth the skin and stimulate the growth of new healthy cells. This allows your skin to absorb more moisture and hydration throughout the treatment whilst preventing the ability for bacteria and oils to get trapped on the skin’s surface resulting in breakouts.

Step 3 – Electric with the WOW gun – The WOW gun will be used to inject a patented combination of high quality hyaluronic acid and succinic acid into small papules of the skin to hydrate, reduce pigmentation spots and stimulate collagen and elastin. Known as the hero product of the WOW facial and gives long lasting results.

Step 4 – LED Light Therapy – The LED is a non-thermal, non-invasive product used to enhance the stimulation of skin cells. Each LED colour works to target individual skin concerns: Red light is for healing and stimulating the skin, the blue light is to fight acne and inflammation and the green light is to help remove pigmentation and environmental damages.

Stage 5 – The WOW Mask – Introducing the cult classic, this high quality hyaluronic acid and collagen mask is packed with anti-oxidants and peptides to hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Stage 6 – Protect – Finish off with an application of our Daily Tinted Broad Spectrum sun protection SPF 50 and a spray of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid that work to protect the skin from pollutants.

This facial is the ultimate skin transformational treatment, leaving your skin glowing luminous and regenerated ready to WOW the moment you leave the clinic.

Now available at Newcastle Skin Clinic for £250, get your #WOWMoment.