WOW Facial 

The WOW facial™ is the ultimate WOW factor skin transformation treatment. This flawlessly combined 6 step process works in harmony with each layer of the skin, achieving luminosity and skin health. The WOW facial ™ resurfaces the skin with essential acids and anti-oxidants, followed by a deep exfoliation and removal of the vellus hair, a needling device is the used to help the penetration of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid which works as the ultimate detox whilst kick starting collagen and elastin production. The skin is then subjected to LED light therapy and the cult beauty classic the WOW mask and finished with an infusion of essential vitamins, hydrating SPF and  finishing spray for the ultimate in healthy skin.

The results are WOW… but don’t take our word for it! #wowfacial

Stages of WOW facial

Stage 1  Exfoliating cleanse & introduction of essential acids to resurface the skin

Stage 2 Dermaplaning 

Stage 3 Electri (hyaluronic and succinic acid) pushed below the skin surface with a needling device

Stage 4 LED light therapy for collagen and elastin stimulation, Acne or sun damage

Stage 5 The WOW mask 

Stage 6 Element protection


Allow 90 minutes.


We also have a range of Mini Wow facials from £75 which are a great top up in between the full Wow Facial or for anyone who can’t have the full treatment.


Mini Wow – Exfoliate, Dermaplane, Wow Mask £75

Mini Wow (acne) – Exfoliate, LED Light, Wow Mask £75

Wow! I’m Pregnant – Dermaplane, LED Light, Wow Mask £75

Hydrate & Heal – Cleanse, Electri (with dermapen), LED Light, Wow Mask £180